Saturday, July 18, 2009

The moon, somewheres in Nebraska.
At a gas station, somewheres in Nebraska.

The sunrise, same place.



Again. We stopped and ate lunch here.
A windmill farm, somewhere out west. . .don't remember the state.

Our camping spot, just outside Salt Lake City.
We went to Idaho.

And then to Oregon.Oregon is a big place.

We conquered that tree in a random tree farm in Oregon.

The Columbia river, just outside The Dalles.

We stopped to throw big rocks in the river.

. . .and took pictures of flowers.

Our epicosity cannot be contained.

The sand was shiny.

We like fire.

Ian got buried. . .and stickmannified.
Somehow, TEAM EPIC got inscribed in the sand. . .
This cliff and dunes formation occupied us for several hours.
One Highway 101 going north along the coast.

Friday, July 17, 2009

We rendezvoused with Adam and hiked Mt. Si in Washington.
There was a big rock. Carl climbed it.
On the way out of Washington, we encountered a herd of large metal horses. Odd.
We were willing to lay down everything, even our lives. . .

Funny story. Ask sometime.
Glacier National Park is a pretty place. So is Lake McDonald in said park.
We still like fire. . .
And food.
It's even prettier in the morning.
It's the clearest lake I've ever seen. You can see the rocks on the bottom through probably 10 feet of water.
We hiked to a lookout close to the top of Mt. Brown
It was cold.
We also drove up Going to the Sun Road, which took us to the Continental Divide in Glacier. It was amazing.

Shadows are pretty cool.
So are the Badlands.

We were sad.

Thus concludes the last post on this blog (I think). I'm done.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009