Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A few end of the trip statistics

Miles traveled: 4800*
Longest time period without a shower: 71 hours
Number of Pictures taken: 2723
Gigabytes of pictures: 6.24
Highest hours-of-movies-watched to hours-slept ratio (for one day): 18:1*
Number of chick-flicks watched: 1
Number of tears shed whilst watching said chick-flick: 2.6
Number of Beards grown: 0.2
Money spent on trip: none o' yo' biz
Call your mom hours: 1
Call your Dad hours: 1
Call your girl hours: 1
Number of deaths: 0.3
Number of hamburgers eaten: 35
Number of hot dogs eaten: 36+
Number of Taco Bell stops: 2 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Vertical feet climbed: 8294+
Number of cartwheels/flips/ninja rolls: incalculable*
Number of mosquitos killed: 846*
Number of welcome signs climbed: 2
Number of welcome signs posed with: 8
Number of U-turns: 3*
Number of illegal activities: none o' yo' biz. But more than one.
Most frequently played CD's: "Let It Snow, Baby, Let It Reindeer" & "Take Everything"
Most Quoted TV show: The Office
Number of theme songs: 5
Names of aforementioned theme songs:
1. The Office Theme Song
2. He's a Pirate (rock mix)
3. Mortal Kombat Theme Song
4. Pressing On
5. Sleigh Ride
Beverage consumed the most: Water (with Mountain Dew being a close second)
Time zones occupied: 3