Saturday, July 18, 2009

The moon, somewheres in Nebraska.
At a gas station, somewheres in Nebraska.

The sunrise, same place.



Again. We stopped and ate lunch here.
A windmill farm, somewhere out west. . .don't remember the state.

Our camping spot, just outside Salt Lake City.
We went to Idaho.

And then to Oregon.Oregon is a big place.

We conquered that tree in a random tree farm in Oregon.

The Columbia river, just outside The Dalles.

We stopped to throw big rocks in the river.

. . .and took pictures of flowers.

Our epicosity cannot be contained.

The sand was shiny.

We like fire.

Ian got buried. . .and stickmannified.
Somehow, TEAM EPIC got inscribed in the sand. . .
This cliff and dunes formation occupied us for several hours.
One Highway 101 going north along the coast.

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