Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 7 (6.27.209): An inside informer has made it known that Team EPIC is now in Glacier National Park. They apparently climbed the Mt. Brown trail, making for a 10.6 mile round trip with a vertical gain of 4300 feet. Weather was nice at the bottom, even a little bit warm as the hike was a stiff one, but at the top, the chilling wind cut to the bone and froze digits. It was miserable for a little bit. The trail did not terminate at the peak of Mt. Brown, only at an overlook. However, Team Members A & D, the most adventuresome/exuberant members of the group, attempted to make the final climb. Fighting through snow on near-vertical slopes, they made it to within a few hundered feet of the peak. This (a.k.a. vertical cliff), however, proved too much of a match even for these exuberant adventurers, and all members made the return trip, averaging approx. 3.415 mph. It was a bit hard on the knees. Safely back at the truck, the team made the scenic trip to the Continental divide along Going To The Sun road, providing them with quite possibly the most beautiful scenery of the entire trip. Supper was hamburgers and hot dogs roasted over a fire by Lake McDonald.

The team is now near Helena, MT, and is on their way to the Badlands in South Dakota.

Side note: the random, seemingly unrelated pictures of metal horses were taken at a monument of sorts in eastern Washington.

*UPDATE* During the writing of this post, the interwebz connection was lost, and was just now recovered. Team EPIC now resides in eastern Montana.