Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 9: Hearts grow heavy, and eyes moist as this EPIC adventure on which Team EPIC has embarked grows to a close.

After a light breakfast of Honey & Nut Sweetened Whole Grain Oat Cereal topped with Land o' Lakes 1% Low Fat Milk (don't think they're being healthy. . .they still eat gratuitous amounts of mayonnaise on their sandwiches), Team EPIC set out for a quick excursion into the dry, dusty, hostile Badlands. The excursion was, of course, EPIC. Miraculously, the only injuries sustained were a slightly twisted ankle and a few scraped hands. After their quick excursion, Team EPIC set out on their long homeward journey (hence the moist eyes) In the first hour of their trip, Team EPIC belted out hymns at the top of their lungs until they had exhausted their repertoire of hymns and worship songs. Since then, things have been rather boring, with the back seat-dwelling members watching movies, and the front seat members talking.

Team Member E: "This job is so important I'm going to run to go do it!"

Team EPIC is so EPIC even their shadows are EPIC.

More pictures to come.

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