Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Team EPIC has finally been spotted again! According to the Team, they went to an epicore sand dune yesterday, and frolicked on it for almost two hours. Apparently they did some pretty amazing scrambling up and down sheer rock faces and stomach-turning somersaults down the gnarly sand dunes. Following that, the Team scooted up to Seattle and camped just north of that mysterious city. After a refreshing night spent in the trailer, the TEAM plus the auxilary member Adam Nisbett, hiked up a crazy high mountain in the middle of nowhere. The hike lasted around four hours and resulted in severely sore legs. Team EPIC and Adam went their separate ways - the TEAM to Spokane, WA; and Adam to be Sleepless in Seattle. The TEAM is now residing in a campground in Plummer, Idaho; and plan to traverse the highway to Glacier National Park on the morrow.


  1. Sand dunes sound neat! Any video of that?!?

    All of you slept in the trailer? I cannot imagine the smell.....:D

  2. No videos. . .none of Team EPIC was foresightful enough to bring a video camera.

    You don't even know.