Sunday, June 21, 2009


Team EPIC has had a relatively uneventful day on the road. Starting the morning at 5:00 AM near Salt Lake City, UT, with sunrise pictures and freezing (most of the way) to death, they have crossed through Idaho and are now approximately 200 miles from Portland. Taking a break from multimedia, their time is now occupied with discussing deep moral issues. The current moral issue pertains to the following situations:

A killer (not a Christian) is getting ready to kill your friend (a Christian in one situation, not a Christian in the other), and you have the power to kill the killer, thus preventing him from killing your friend. Is it morally (Scripturally, that is) justifiable to kill the killer?

Team EPIC has not come to a conclusion, and probably won't.

Upcoming discussion includes foul language, speeding, tattoos/piercings, alcohol/smoking, and whether or not to use life support in certain situations.

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