Friday, June 19, 2009

The Few, the Proud, the Epic.

Team Epic is on the road! The Team is an elite force who's one and only mission is to embrace the daunting responsibility of saving the earth from a super cyber-intelligence. They will not stop, they will not rest, they will not eat, drink, or stop watching movies until they have achieved their goal and fulfilled their destiny! For this mission, they will be trucking almost non-stop to McMinnville, OR, near Portland to deliver storage units critical to the survival of all mankind. From there, they perform a super secret, undercover mission involving fluid transportation devices. Then they make a high speed escape from Ninjas sent to assasinate them. Stay tuned for more updates as the mission progresses.

Random Mission Quotes:

"I feel the need to brush my teeth."

"Everybody remain calm. We only have a small crisis underway."

"The intelligence of an average human comes from powerful bacteria drowned in a sea of communicating gravel."


  1. LOL.... u guys make me laugh...
    So would u mind telling me what this "small crisis" was? ha-ha
    miss u Carl... well ok, so i guess its not fair to the rest of u for me to just miss Carl... so i miss you too Ian, Mark, Nathan, and of course Joel. :P lol

    Im going to call u, (carl) today and u have to talk to me... we never got to really talk after camp... so yeah... cya miss ya... love ya... ;)
    Your little sis... ;)

  2. haha, this is great! Thanks for the e-mail. You guys are the best. ;)

  3. Hey, a good number of my HSA friends are from McMinnville, OR.

    If you let me know coordinates and operational timelines of any missions in Washington, I may be able to coordinate a rendezvous. :D